This Project has been cancelled

We are sorry to go, but this is a descision that had to be done. Feel free to continue where we failed however! 

It is with a hard feeling in our hearts, that we have to announce, that Pamaxie as a project is canceled. Due to lacking funds and massive changes in the project owner's life (Leejja) we currently no longer have the financial or time capacity to maintain it which is why we think it is best that we close this chapter of our life. We are sorry that we could not live up to our promises. We are looking into a cheap way to host our dataset. If possible we may update this page. Due to concerns for the public we might not, however (there is some graphic imagery in there which may be quite disturbing or problematic to release).

This decision has been made after starting on a rework, which made us realize that there are a lot of issues that would need to be addressed. We are aware that this is disappointing news to whoever funded us.

Sometimes projects do not work out in the way that we thought they could and sometimes life doesn't allow us to do the things that would've been possible.

Thank you all so much for your help and support and we wish everyone the best of success!