This Website is currently being worked on

Stay tuned for amazing things on the way!

Hello and welcome to our current placeholder website. This Project is not dead but at the moment more or less frozen in time. It will continue to be worked on, however I'm currently moving to leave germany and getting married which has limited my time to manage / work on this.

This website is currently hosted with google, which will hopefully change soon again. This is just for ease of use reasons and also because we really needed to have a website up to tell people this is not a dead project.
Again not dead, just pretty busy but one thing I can announce:
We are working on a massive rewrite (which is also why the website and wiki are kind of gone).
This rewrite will feature way easier hosting and a lot more features. We also went away from generalizing predictions too much. This is all very time consuming however since we need to resort /reorder all of our datasets which is very complicated. (Also all the souce code is being rewritten to be in one unified language)

For anyone interested in contributing to this: feel free to join our discord. There will be more information around March 2023 in there. Good luck!